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Konekasia will boost
your property to an amazing profit.

Work with professionals to archive your goal. Optimize your property for the Digital world with Konek Asia as your OTA Manager.


Show your holiday home, hotel or villa from its best side.


With our offline partners, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.


Let us do the tedious and time-consuming work of the Channel Setup.


With our online management, we increase your profit and your online presence.

Channel Setup

The first step is always the hardest.
The platform may be confusing for you, but we know it well.
Konek Asia knows what customers value and which keywords are relevant. Let us do the tedious work for you and write an appealing text. We take the time to list your property so that it can be found and booked.
It doesn’t matter if it’s Booking.com or Airbnb, all these Platforms or Apps have a lot of options and possibilities to Setup. Not every function has to be activated and not everything the platform recommends has to be done that way, that’s why we offering our Service. Konek Asia will help you to register your properties on the TOP OTAs and Online Platforms to increase business from online channels.

Channel Management

I’m sure you’re very busy, right?

However, maintenance is very important exactly here at the online presence. Daily insight into the platforms is not to be avoided. We are very well aware of how much time these costs, therefore we offer our service for you and relieve you of this work. If you don’t find enough time to deal with the digital world you can hire us. As experienced OTA managers, we can certainly help you organize your bookings. We can also connect you with our local partners to arrange an offline property management service for your short term rental business.
Let us manage your OTA Extranet!


If you want to save the commission that all platforms demand, you can let Konek Asia create your own homepage and win new customers. This can be advantageous, but also requires a lot of time and maintenance. We can help you with any point. You have clear advantages over the booking portals, at the upsell part you can bring other products to the customer such as wedding packages or airport pick-up service. You can also stand out from the crowd and set up your homepage as you wish. We attach great importance to your customers and can analyze exactly which behavior they have on your homepage and adapt your website accordingly. In case you want to market your own homepage with ads that are displayed to your target customers, this is the best option for you.


Our Offline Partner

We do not want to lose our quality standard in terms of service in offline support under any circumstances. That’s why we choose our partner agency, with deliberation. They bring a lot of passion and energy to their work. They are professional and have built up a considerable company over the years.
In cooperation with us, they have digitalized their technical equipment and are thus up to date with the latest in time recording and other gadgets.
With our support, we drove their company forward.
Now we are partners and I am proud to say this.

If you are interested in offline management support please write to us.


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