Digital Marketing Review Indonesia 2019

30. December 2019
30. December 2019 konek


Indonesia’s internet interest depends entirely on what’s trending at the moment. Some of the hottest topics being desired on the internet are food and beverage, media, entertainment, beauty, shopping, and travel. As digital marketing growing faster, you might have guessed that Bali is home for the largest online market place worldwide. As internet users in Indonesia are given the freedom to access google, facebook, and any other social media without being heavily filtered by the government.



  1. Cashless lifestyle and the process of adapting e-money
    The direct transaction is out of style, people are now adapting to digital purchases.
  2. Medium metro system
  3. Internet TV 
    Large numbers of people start enjoying entertainment on Internet TV.
  4. Sharp Customers
    Being more skeptical about consuming brand products.
  5. Eco-friendly
    People are starting to be concerned about the environmental situation thus they prefer products that are focusing on sustainability.


There is no question that we need to include a general analysis in our Digital Marketing Review Indonesia 2019, this is the only way to keep track. Indonesia is significantly proving itself as the fastest-growing internet economy in Southeast Asia. The Internet has magically become inseparable from our daily life as it is a place to share ideas on social media, share information on facebook and google, and to connect with everyone. Not to mention, Bali is also a place where digital marketing shows remarkable progress.

Most Indonesians have accessibility to the internet with the existence of the mobile phone and we need to keep this in mind for future reference.
Are you prepared for mobile traffic?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Indonesians depend on Social Media 3h 26mins, where we have witnessed social media got viral. This report from We Are Social will show us some fascinating numbers in 2019.

The number of internet users increases rapidly throughout the year by using whatever platform they can find in the digital world. Today’s generation worships simplicity, the internet offers exactly the prime needs of modern individuals. The identity of Indonesian youth relies solely on their internet searching and social media interaction. Indonesian are so familiar in browsing on the internet that it becomes an undying habit. 

Nowadays, we take our internet access for granted, but Indonesia used to be a country where internet access was hard to come by. But Indonesian didn’t want to let their freedom being taken away and started doing their evaluation a decade ago.  If you’re down to open assigned digital marketing in Bali, then you’re on the right track. We’re more than willing to cope with any of your difficulties in the digital world. If you feel interested to join the business, we’ll help you to gain the confidence that pushes out of your limit. Konek Asia stands for Performance Marketing and will help you with strategy and execution.


Shockingly, Indonesian 2019 top searches are quite harmless. We’ll give you a review of the top 10 searches in Indonesia from google the number one search engine!

General search terms:

  1. Bucin.
  2. Fergus
  3. Gerd.
  4. KKN.
  5. Unicorn.
  6. Japri.
  7. Mukbang,
  8. Podcast.
  9. Santuy.
  10. Halu.

We’re using our skills from Switzerland as our reference to write out some small overview below.
Here are some reviews of Switzerland’s top ten searches on google in 2019 as transparent comparisons of what’s happening across the world.

General search terms:

  1. Wimbledon
  2. iPhone 11.
  3. Notre-Dame.
  4. Karl Lagerfeld.
  5. ATP Finals.
  6. US Open.
  7. Eurovision Song Contest.
  8. Julen.
  9. Luke Perry.
  10. Fête des Vignerons,



There are more than 143 million users in Indonesia. Indonesia’s fast development internet economy is valued for 40 billion and will escalate to 130 billion in six years. Four sectors that are dominating come from:


E-commerce worth


Media worth


Ride-Hailing worth


Online Travel

The numbers from the review above indicate significant economic growth on average in every region in Southeast Asia. This shows 5% advancement in digital marketing annually in the past decade that gives a global effect on the development of online marketing in Bali and Indonesia.

After having those fundamental shifts, Indonesia remains the largest and fastest-growing online travel market, with an increase of 39% growth in the past 18 months in travel-related searches, and has the potential to grow even bigger in the next following years. This implies that Bali can be a permanent house of countless accessible and established businesses for those who are trying to commit to Digital Marketing in Indonesia.

We’ll be posting an upcoming blog about the trends in 2020. Be expectant of what we have in store!

We may already spoil you a little bit: 

We realized that modern marketing heavily revolves around well-informed marketers and data analytics. If you want to be apart of a new system in digital marketing, it will be best to consider the advancement of fast-forwarding internet world and jump into the real ecosystem as soon as possible. In which it helps you to open the grand door of new success. 


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