What is Digital Marketing?

12. December 2019
12. December 2019 konek

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing
obviously dominates over traditional marketing at the moment. But what exactly the big word is?
What makes the popularity of it risen?  And how it operates?
And how exactly the process of getting the client satisfied with the work on the internet?
Konek Asia presents you the answer of what is digital marketing you’ve been wondering and we’ll be dropping a small overview to make you understand Digital Marketing better.


We’ll give you a definite explanation of what digital marketing is. Online marketing refers to marketing operations through the internet using any kind of digital form, with the purpose to reach targeted goals and reaching a potential conversion.


People on average spend 24 hours a week on the internet. This is partly due to the rise in digital and technology use. With this lifestyle shift, people buy and sell things online. Digital marketing is practically almost the same way. What makes digital marketing and traditional marketing different?
Online marketing is using the help of email, social media, google ads display, search engine optimization and more, to attract a target customer on the platform they mostly spend their time on. In the past, people used to try to attract customers to their business with eye-catching posters or newspaper articles. Today, with digital marketing, the customer is looking for a specific term or service and your company is displayed in a targeted manner or the customer is directed to it.

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Basically, every online marketing activity has different goals.
Here is an overview of possible goals for your company:



Branding refers to an advertising technique to develop brand recognition and aims to an establishment of brand name and brand position in the digital world. The purpose of branding is to make a brand stand against its millions of competitors. Branding success depends on how many people searching for your brand name on search engines. By branding, you can also control your brand name positively on social media. A well-placed branding campaign enables a large company not to be forgotten.



Engagement is the level of interest shown by the visitors of your websites by simply interacting with your content. By whether clicking on the video you’re posting, how long users stay on your website, and how many times they’ve been visiting your website. By doing a simple activity as such, a relationship has begun between the brand and the users. 



All online marketing activities are aiming to make deals with prospective customers. Leads are targeted customers who have shown not only interest but users who have left their contact information in order to provide a business with you. Not every visitor on your website can be called leads, someone who only peeks at your website can not be qualified as leads. But don’t lose hope, more visits on your website can equal to more leads. Although you’ll be needing extra care and patient to generate leads, by advertising your brand or product, it will help the visibility of your brand and it will also increase the number of more qualified leads to your account. An advertisement is like the best magnet to attract more targeted partners. Simplified, a lead is a qualitative contact or address-data that is highly likely to become a customer.



Every advertiser has a goal that he has set himself. On a homepage, you usually set several goals. Whether it is a click on a button, a purchase or a sending of the contact form, everyone has different goals. In digital marketing, you have to consider many things and therefore it is very important to analyze everything. The conversion is therefore very important. Conversion is measured by conversion rates.
Do you already know where you would set conversions?



A marketing activity obviously requires sales, therefore sales refer to a company that primarily sells its products using the help of the digital platforms. Here the budget question usually plays a big role and people try to reach a lot of customers with as little money as possible. A good strategy and good calculations are essential here.

If you are still wondering what is digital marketing and how do digital marketers now pursue these goals?
Here are some of the most successful methods to achieve your goals:



Digital marketing is also divided into several techniques. Where SEO, a process to boast a text of a website to a top spot in a search engine, is an important part of digital marketing. Why? Because SEO costs you practically nothing. For startups, this can be the key to success in digital marketing by mastering the ability to capture data about what, who and when. Therefore, an SEO copywriter should have the power to find the best keywords for your campaign that can connect content for your brand. An SEO copywriter also needs a lot of research, strategy, and analysis of what best fits your business and your current contribution to get your website to the top of the most popular search engines and get clicks from visitors.



While SEO does the coding and all the numbering stuff. SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a system that improves the ranking of your personal pages by increasing the visibility of your website with pay advertising. Search Engine Advertising works with ads that appear in the search engines so that they can deliver the product as the main target by promoting the site to people who click on the Google ads. SEA is a tool that develops small businesses by bringing traffic to your website.



Email marketing is a solid digital marketing way to rebuild your campaign by sending personalization and commercial advertising to a group of people in the email. It is still used every day and is one of the most effective methods of online marketing. As a result of email marketing, your brand is given a number of customers to increase the awareness of your products.  Email marketing is a tactic that puts your company name on a bigger map!



2019 takes social media into a new level, being so easy to access, Social media marketing is a tactic to use as an outlet on the internet to sell products using the hype of social media to prospective customers. Social Media marketing works as a marketer that promotes the campaign through paid posts whether on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform. It’s an essential way to compete against your competitors by providing high quality and manual posting to help the growth of your business. Plus, every people with smartphones nowadays spend four and a half hours checking on their social media, though you can get maximum entry from the visitors by posting ads on those outlets. Social media marketing socializes your products by listening to what the potential customers needs. It’s more than posting a post on Facebook or Tweeting on Twitter. 



Content marketing is a visual writer, a copy-writer that gives information about your sales in the form Blogspot or infographics. To simplify it for you, Content Marketing provides content and fruitful articles by embracing Blogspot to lead the customer’s interest to your selling team. Content Marketing optimizes the will of your customers to read the rest of your headline copy. Content Marketer offers information instead of direct sales. Digital Marketer publishes a demonstration of your brand to attract traffic to your website. Content Marketer is like the key for your brand to achieve its grand success because it’s the Content Marketer’s responsibility to understand what the brand and the customers need and want. The difference between Content Marketer and the other is rather significant, Content Marketer is a resource, not an advertiser. So don’t ever get tricked!


KoneakAsia deals with more than the above-mentioned possibilities of online advertising. 

Reaching potential larger customers is the main goal of Konek Asia. We are trying to create a platform in the digital ecosystem that is changing rapidly without you having to constantly engage with your target audience. Konek Asia will do the work for you!

Be a partner of Konek Asia and watch your business grow. We offer the best digital marketing services in Bali with certified content creators. We can help you!

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